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NPR: Look at This: This is Color


Nicole Cohen, Beth Novey


What is color?


Colm Kelleher

"Have you ever wondered what color is? In this first installment of a series on light, Colm Kelleher describes the physics behind colors-- why the colors we see are related to the period of motion and the frequency of waves."

Color Basics

U.S. General Services Administration

"A color wheel is an illustrative model of color hues around a circle. It shows the relationships between the primary, secondary, and intermediate/ tertiary colors and helps demonstrate color temperature. Digital teams communicate exact colors through the use of hex codes."

Filtering Away Interactive

The Physics Classroom

Tom Henderson

"one of several Interactives in this section that pertain to the topic of color addition, color subtraction, filters, and color vision. There are six colored circles on the screen - red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow. And there are six filters through which to view these circles. Tap on a filter and view how the appearance of the circle changes."

Adobe Color


"a color palette generator"

How we see color


Colm Kelleher

"There are three types of color receptors in your eye: red, green and blue. But how do we see the amazing kaleidoscope of other colors that make up our world? Colm Kelleher explains how humans can see everything from auburn to aquamarine."

RGB Color Addition Interactive

The Physics Classroom

Tom Henderson

"This Interactive is one of several Interactives in this section that pertain to the topic of color addition, color subtraction, filters, and color vision. We suggest that this Interactive be used early in a unit on the topic of the physics of color vision. Simple rules regarding the mixing of two or three primary colors of light in equal intensities can be discovered through the use of this Interactive."

Color in a New Light

Smithsonian Libraries

"Name a topic that links science, history, art, and culture. How about color?

Let’s follow the theme of color through the vast collections of the Smithsonian Libraries, and make a few unexpected connections and discoveries."

Canva Color


"Find the perfect color tools and resources for any project.
From color palettes to everything you could ever want to learn about color."

Art Palette

Experiments with Google

Simon Doury, Etienne Ferrier

"Find artworks that match your chosen color palette"

Art Coloring Book

Google Arts & Culture

"Color your way through the palettes of famous paintings"

Learn about color in human perception, history, and culture.

Color Splash

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