• Some background & context

  • What is the Anthropocene & why does it matter?




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A New Era of Learning:

A Celebration of Creativity and Adaptation

Order of Events:

  • Welcome

  • Housekeeping 

  • Collaborative Curricula in the Anthropocene

  • Activity

  • About CreativeSpace✧ 

  • Q&A

  • Special Thanks

  • Closing



  • Please keep your microphone on mute once we get started

  • You can message (Zoom or text if I am sharing my screen) me if you need something

  • Hop off if you need to

  • Follow along via the website; will send out a special collection of all the resources mentioned, for those interested 

Intention Setting: Here's to hoping we have an enjoyable time, learn something new, and have an opportunity to convene around shared interests: it's a celebration, after all :D

Collaborative Curricula in the Anthropocene


Remember those questions under “some details”? Let’s answer them.


  • What is one resource* which has helped you learn something important about the world?

    • Here’s the format: Cameron - Human Nature and Conduct - John Dewey

  • What is one topic or subject you are interested in learning about?

    • Here’s the format: Cameron - Linear Algebra 

About CreativeSpace✧ 

Special Thanks


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